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Astonishing renovation jobs are achieved through proper collaboration between tilers and owners. However, the design part of this project should not only be shouldered by the service provider as it is the owner who determines the perceived finished product. Because of this, you should have an awareness of specific design aspects that can make or break the bathroom project. 

The three key concepts that you should know are lighting, colour, and balance. These elements have their advantages so you should use them fully. 

Bathroom renovation done by our bathroom professional in Bundaberg with white floor tiles

Tiles and Complementary Lights 

As part of their artificial construct, tiles are naturally reflective and refractive. Because of this, different light sources also have varied effects when they bounce off a tile. In general, lights shape the way that we view the world as they are part of our sense of sight. With this in mind, choices in light can govern people to feel certain emotions. This is why it is very essential to choose your light sources carefully. 

Two types of light sources exist. They could either be artificial or organic light. Human-made lights that function with electricity are considered as artificial lights. These objects go well with modern tiles such as those that have an edgy and sleek-looking style. They can also be applied to darker shades as the colour warmth goes well with blacks. On the other hand, naturally sourced light such as sunlight and moonlight are considered organic lights. When combined with most other natural elements such as stone tiles, the resulting concepts qualify as great bathroom ideas Bundaberg. 

Size and Objects 

Bathrooms differ in size since each house has various spaces allocated for them. However, it is possible to manipulate one’s perception of your bathroom’s size through proper use of proportions. If you fill a small bathroom with unnecessary things, it will look small, but if you empty up space, the brain will suggest that it is more significant than its actual area. This is an essential thing to consider in the design, as a homeowner should always be aware of the things/furniture that he or she will place in the bathroom. 


Harmony in bathroom ideas repetitions brings Bundaberg. These could be shapes and patterns coming from wallpapers and even floor or wall tiles. With proper repetition, the brain relaxes and soothes itself since it creates peaceful thoughts for the viewer. This can be achieved through proper planning of the tiles that you will choose from before the design. You can also spice up a bathroom by breaking harmony. This idea is called “dissonance”. By putting a seemingly out of the blue object in a pattern, you can create accents in your house. An example of this is putting a colourful painting in a pure white or pure grey bathroom. The painting becomes the main attraction of the design since the focus is shifted into it. 

5 Amazing Bathroom Designs 

Choosing the correct bathroom design might be tricky at times. However, several designs are loved throughout the world. These designs are not only attractive, but they also serve different purposes as well. Let us get to know four-bathroom ideas Bundaberg that will surely impress you and your guests. 

Colour Burst 

Colour burst is defined by the mixing of different colours applied in a specific area. If you desire a lively, enthusiastic, and active layout for your bathroom, this design is for you. Colour burst does particularly well in a house that has kids or teens since the visual cue helps them in activating their senses. This type of design does well with flat colours or one colour themes. An example of a colour burst is a colourful painting in the middle of a one-paint bathroom. All attention is shifted into the painting, and it becomes a known asset in the area. Tiles are also capable of doing this through the different styles and patterns that it offers.  

Coastal Attraction 

When it comes to relaxation, nothing else compares to the beach. Who doesn’t want to bask in the glory of the sun and feel the breeze in the wind as well as the sand beneath their feet? Everyone wants this type of experience. What if I tell you that the same feeling can be brought to your bathroom? Beach themed bathroom is one the simplest yet most beautiful ones. It is easily achieved through shades of blue, exceptionally flat and pastel ones. If you want to go all out, you can even put sea decors such as artificial starfishes and paintings! This is one of the best bathroom ideas Bundaberg out there! 

Woody Beauty 

Another great bathroom ideas Bundaberg is themed involving woodworks. Naturally, wood looks great on any surface, especially if it is combined with some intricate porcelain and ceramics. Well, the toilet is known for having many shiny surfaces so that the wood can provide amazing accents to the area. Also, wood-themed bathrooms are amplified by artificial lights. For a vintage look, it is a great idea to apply warm-coloured lamps as you will get the feeling of mid-century living. If you desire an organic ambience, making use of natural light as well as open windows is also a good idea since wood fits well with it. 

Chic Style Tiles 

Tiles should not be stereotyped as old-fashioned! There are countless of tiles that are considered modern looking and sleek in the eyes of any visitor. Famous modern tiles that exist in the market nowadays are geometric and neutral-coloured ones. These provide a new look to an old-surface, and has excellent benefits, especially in renovation projects. Additionally, neutral-coloured tiles are capable of blending in with many different objects such as lamps, pots, plants, and mini-trees. This type of bathroom ideas Bundaberg will never fail you as they go exceptionally well with anything. 

Mirrors and Glasses 
Photo of our bathroom renovation completed by our bathroom professional in Bundaberg with porcelain tiles

Mirrors always provide a sense of luxury and elegance in any bathroom. Additionally, they go well with patterned tiles as the plainness of the glass is complemented by tile repetitions. As usual, it is a great idea to consult your tiler and service provider before engaging with any tile related design, as they know what’s best for you and your bathroom. Give our team a phone call, and we will provide you with the bathroom ideas Bundaberg of your dreams!

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