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If you are tiling your kitchen, you need to decide which tiles are you going to install. Here in this floor tiling article, we are providing the floor tiling Bundaberg guide that will tell you about ceramic tiles benefits and disadvantages. Ceramic tiles are trendy when it comes to tiling kitchens. They have many positive aspects and can make your kitchen look good both functionally and in design.  

This tile material has been in use for thousands of years and offers a wide array of shape colour and size and hence will be a part of the latest designs for a long time. This oven-baked clay is the most abundant material of tiles and is available in every style and is a part of every tile market. Like everything else on the planet, this material has its pros and cons that you should know before having them installed. 

Floor tiling job we completed in Bundaberg with wood look floor tiles

Pros of Ceramic Floor Tiling Bundaberg for Your Kitchen Floor 

It Doesn’t Harbor Germs 

It would help if you were free of the fear of having germs in your kitchen. Likewise, is good to know that the ceramic tiles are not a very welcome habitat for germs and do not allow any microscopic scum to settle o them or in them. It is incredibly impenetrable and hence doesn’t allow germs to the harbour. If you have kids in your home than having a germ free environment is of importance. 


Ceramic is by far the most durable tiling material that you will find. It is crack resistant and doesn’t absorb any moisture and hence doesn’t rot or smell over time. It has a glazed surface that acts as an external layer protecting from drops and stains of any sorts. This extreme level of durability makes it an excellent choice for your bathroom or kitchens alike and is also very good-looking for continuous style for floor tiling Bundaberg project.   

Easy to Clean and Maintain 

First of all, the ceramic material is wholly stain-free and doesn’t absorb any moisture, so it doesn’t get soggy over time. Hence maintenance isn’t required at all times. Even when it gets dirty or stained at some instant due to some reason, it is straightforward to clean and polish so that it may shine again just like new. The dirt resting on the tile surface can also be wiped with a simple dry cloth or sponge. You wouldn’t need to have very heavy-duty cleaning once every month. 

Wide Range of Styles 

An extensive range of styles is available for ceramic floor tiling Bundaberg project. They are available in almost every size colour and shape, and hence make it easier for you to choose the best suited for you in terms of colour and size. You can have any design made into your kitchen, including the modern look that makes your floor look like hardwood floors.  

Before finalizing the tiles for your kitchen, make sure to consider the shape, size and the colour that will suit your place the most. Taking care of the texture and the pattern of the installation of the tiles is also important. Tiles can have a very significant impact on the overall look of the place. Consider choosing tiles that suit your kitchen the most.  

For example, having bigger sized tiles in a bigger kitchen is a good idea and similarly having simple square tiles in a smaller place looks more elegant than the intricate designs. Choose a neutral scheme for your kitchen throughout the floor tiling Bundaberg project. Matching schemes are essential and so is having a contrasted look for your kitchen. 

Cons of Ceramic Floor Tiling Bundaberg for Your Kitchen Floor 

Sealer Requirements 

Ceramic if unglazed can be very hard to maintain as it requires more and more sealing. The porous nature makes it vulnerable to the atmosphere, and hence you need to seal it properly.  Glazed ceramic doesn’t require extra sealing measures, but you have to seal unglazed ceramic from the atmosphere and the germs and bacteria too. The grout that holds these tiles together also needs a sealant as they are porous too and can easily be stained and can grow mould in those lines. So it would help if you had your grout sealed too. If not, then liquids and moisture will be absorbed into the floor and can destroy its integrity. If not sealed then clean both the grout and the tiles slowly and professionally every once in a while.  

Hard Surface Material 

The hardness of the material is usually a positive aspect. It is also for ceramic as it prolongs its life and increases durability, but it can also be hard for your joints and feet and back if you are standing in the kitchen for a more extended period. You can add a cushioned mat at some places but placing a mat increases cleaning problems. Hard tiles can become extremely cold in the winter season. To keep yourself protected from these cold tiles, you can put on a pit of socks, slippers or shoes.  

If your area has 6 to 7 months of winter every year, we suggest a heated under layer to keep your floor warm and hot. Nothing in this world comes without both pros and cons. The higher number of benefits that the ceramic tiles provide overweighs the negative aspects. Kitchen aren’t the only places where you can install tiles, you can have your porch designed and your living room tiled to give off a more modern look as tiles once installed give a more modern look for a more extended period and for years to come. At Bundaberg Tiling and Waterproofing, we know how to deliver the best and noticeable results.  

We can have your kitchen redesigned and modified with excellent floor tiling Bundaberg services, and we have the best and the most trained staff for the task as well. In addition, we are experts in grouting and underlying as well, and we can ensure you that we take our projects way seriously and will be the best option there is for you in the mentioned field. We can collaborate for the best possible outcome, and you can count on us for your tiling adventure. 

Affordable Floor Tiling Bundaberg Service 

Bathroom floor tiling job done in Bundaberg with wood look floor tiles

Bundaberg Tiling and Waterproofing is the most affordable company you will find in your area. The most suited for middle-class people who want to renovate their bathrooms or kitchen or want new tiles installed. We have the best workers working for us that can give the best results in a very affordable and economical way.  

Tiling is a task for professionals only and can go wrong if one doesn’t have any experience in it, and that is why we suggest you contact us or give us a call so that your tiling venture won’t be a horrible incident. We ensure that you will be the incomplete command of how you want the project done for your kitchen, bathroom, living room or even porch.  

Our staff will make sure that you will be perfectly happy and satisfied with the task. You can make your own executive designs and have it completely customized as you want it to be. So we are looking forward to letting you take control of your tiling project and have it just the way you want it.  

We are not only limited to renovating and tiling homes and domestic plans. But we also manage to work for commercial projects and on places that require the task to be done in a long time and over short durations and more significant areas. We often complete tasks that are for commercial uses and public use. That is why we are very proud to announce that we have a very skilled and extremely experienced class of workers working for us here at Bundaberg Tiling and Waterproofing. 

Visit us at or email us at [email protected] for more information.

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