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Tiling makes the house look awesome, and the quality of the tile decides the durability in many ways. A variety of tiles are available in the market.  The necessary installation of the outdoor tiling Bundaberg is possible with thorough knowledge in this field.  

The more we grill into this aspect, the better we come to know, and usage becomes easier. The overall design looks, and feel changes with one smart decision. 

It is okay if we know more about the types of outdoor tiles first. The most popular and robust tiles can be found, and indeed we can know about them as it is of our usage. 

Outdoor tiling job done by our tiling expert in Bundaberg with brick pavers

The plethora of outdoor Tiling options 

Let us start discussing the types of tiles one by one. The latter ones are some of the most popular tiles. 

#1: Porcelain Tiles 

These tiles are too loud and robust.  This can be a perfect choice for outdoor tiling Bundaberg. A full textured like surface is there in porcelain. One of the best tiles for outdoor work overall is Porcelain tiles

#2: Quarry Tiles 

Quarry tiles shall not be used if you are living in a climate where there are extreme winter conditions. It does not give an excellent performance in such a climate. But since our place receives more of the rains, then Quarry tiles are the right choice. 

Stains are a big issue with them. This happens if there is water-logging for a longer time. 

#3: Slate Tiles 

Slate is a natural stone, and hence it has a better performance than others. It is slightly blackish. It is quite durable and much more reliable than many other popular titles. All-natural colours and textures are available in this type of stone which gives a perfect look and feel. 

It is also slip-resistant tile which prevents everyone from falling. Anyone who is having a dark colour combination; for them, the slate tiles are a perfect choice for the outdoor tiling Bundaberg project. 

#4: Granite Tiles 

Granite tiles are a carbon material, and it is one of the most popular natural stone. A porous material is the one which has pores in it to absorb something, especially moisture. The moisture if absorbed, can cause stains, eventually damaging the tiles. 

An excellent remedy to avoid staining is to seal it every few years. 

#5: Concrete Tiles 

The concrete tiles are the ones that are an excellent choice as they give the appearance of natural stone. The best use of the concrete tiles can be made by moulding the tiles into an excellent natural stone. 

A stunning look is obtained by the use of concrete tiles for outdoor tiling Bundaberg.  

#6: Soapstone Tiles 

Any water damage can be easily controlled by using the soapstone tiles. This is an excellent choice for the pool area where water leakage is a common problem. It can withstand all kinds of climate. The best one could be a high heat temperature. 

#7: Limestone Tiles 

One of the softest tiles is the limestone tiles, and this can be a perfect choice for the outdoor tiling Bundaberg. It is more prone to scratch. Hence these tiles require extra care. It has to be sealed correctly to prevent any water damage. 

#8: Sandstone Tiles 

It is one of the tiles which are quite beautiful. It can be very suitable if you want your outdoor to look awesome. These are light tiles but get scratched easily. 

#9: Ceramic Tiles 

These are high performing outdoor tiles in mild weather conditions. Many varieties of ceramic tiles from a lower price range to a higher range are available. 

The tiles with lesser price range have less durability and vice versa. Ceramic tiles are one of the most affordable outdoor tiling Bundaberg for all. 

5 Questions to Ask to Yourself For Choosing The Perfect Tiles! 

Knowing the types of outdoor tiles will help anyone find the best one for their house. There are several other steps to follow before choosing a particular tile. 

Let us discuss them in detail. 

Patio tiling job we completed in Bundaberg with travertine pavers
#1: Where are you willing to have the tiles? 

Earlier were the days when the entire house was decked with mosaic but now the scenario is quite different and the mosaic is less used, and other tiles have taken its place. 

In the outdoor tiling Bundaberg project, patio plays a vital role. If you want your tiles to be there in the patio, then choose the robust tiles. 

#2: At what place and what kind of tiles fits the area? 

The first point to remember while installing tiles is to check the climatic conditions. How much area is exposed to open air? This will help you decide the kind of tile that will best suit the area. Stairs can have completely different outdoor tiles. 

#3: Decide the climate in your area 

The climate keeps on changing from one country to the other. Not all places can have similar weather and climate. The country with more rain will have to choose a tile that can sustain moisture and water. It will help prolong the durability of the tile and in-turn the entire house. 

#4: How much money have you segregated for the outdoor beautification using tiles? 

There is a budget which everyone thinks of before doing any significant work. Even small tasks also have a budget, and hence the savings can be made. This same rule applies to the selection of tiles as well. A broad range of outdoor tiles are available, and they also have a different price range. 

Decide the tile with maximum durability at a cheaper cost. 

#5: Color coding 

Every house has a different colour. Some have the painting with light colour whereas some are dark. It is good to choose a contrast combination of tiles for outdoor as well as an indoor decoration. 


As a whole, we can say that budget, type, and quality make a house look perfect. The outdoor tiling Bundaberg has so many options. Knowing about them ultimately will help you choose one of the most beautiful products. 

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