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Your tiles should not only be beautiful and comfortable, but they should also be able to serve you for extended years. Bundaberg Tiling & Waterproofing offers excellent waterproofing services to give solutions against common tile degradation problems.

You don’t need to worry about the different natural phenomena that could affect your tile’s health since we can efficiently deal with them. Through proper membrane application technique, your kitchen, shower, pool, and even garden tiles will remain useful as new, and there will be no need to replace them immediately. We desire to give you a service which is both low-maintenance and sustainable.

Pool Patios

Your pool patio is bombarded with large amounts of moisture through its position near the swimming pool water. There is a great need to waterproof it because you wouldn’t want a pool which quickly wears and tears.

You do not wish to end up spending more in the future just because of a poorly waterproofed pool patio, Bundaberg Tiling & Waterproofing can help you with this. We know the optimal procedures for your pool patio, and we can guarantee that we will address your tile’s risks of deterioration.

Our team makes use of cutting-edge products and methods to make sure that your tiles will stay durable.

Showers and Bathrooms

Showers and bathroom tiles face the highest amount of risks of tile deterioration since they are spots exposed to water and various products such as soaps, detergents, and cleaning solutions. Our team will help you get rid of this problem by properly planning and applying a sound membrane layout system in these areas.

Bundaberg Tiling & Waterproofing guarantees precise membrane layout and installation for your showers and bathrooms. These processes will prevent water from entering and causing unwanted damage to your tiles. We know that you want to have permanent tiles, and we are willing to provide you with those.

Fool Proof Products

Our team is not only concerned with providing you with quality safety control through proper waterproofing. We also want to give you a service that would help in preserving our environment. How do we do these? Well, we have various eco-friendly partners who provide us with membrane materials which leave the least strain our mother nature during the manufacturing process.

We always look for cleaner and environment-friendly substitutes to all our services. Additionally, our processes try to use the last amount of carbon footprint possible so that we can lessen our company’s adverse effects on our home planet. We believe that excellent service is also environmentally sustainable.

Durable Protection

Bundaberg’s Tiling & Waterproofing’s membranes are gathered from partner companies who have studied the best membrane materials suitable for the everyday Australian heat, rain, and temperature.

We will ensure that our waterproofing can survive everything that this country offers, helping you achieve long-lasting and durable tiles. Combine that with precise membrane installation system, and you’ll get extra protection which can increase your tile’s health. Contact us immediately and let us give you tiles which will last for extended periods.

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